From: Exit News
Albania’s LGBT Pride Parade Takes Place Virtually Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Over 100 Albanian LGBTI activists and allies attended Albania’s first virtual Pride Parade.

Organizers chose to reimagine this year’s Pride, instead of cancelling it entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Zoom parade lasted for approximately 2 hours, and was attended by activists, members of the LGBTI community, and a number of representatives from embassies and international missions, including the Swedish ambassador, the Dutch ambassador, and European Union ambassador to Albania Luigi Soreca. The Albanian Ombudsman was also present.

Photographer Jetmir Idrizi unveiled his “Queerantine” project, comprising unique portraits of members of the Albanian LGBTI community.

A number of activists chose to express their support for the preservation of the National Theatre by changing their Zoom background into one that contained the message “Protect the Theatre.” Veteran LGBTI activists Xheni Karaj and Kristi Pinderi added that LGBTI people cannot achieve equality as long as Albania does not offer equal opportunities for all people.

A recording of the meeting in its entirety will be published online.