From: Exit Staff
PM Albin Kurti to Speak at Harvard University on the Political Situation in Kosovo

Albin Kurti, the incumbent Prime Minister of Kosovo will be speaking at Harvard University- via video link- on Monday at 6pm CET. 

Kurti will be speaking about his first 100 days in office and the ongoing political crisis in Kosovo.

The event has been organised at a time when Kosovo is in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis. Kurti has recently spoken out against US meddling in the country’s affairs. 

He has also accused the US Envoy to Kosovo Richard Grenell and President Trump of being involved in the overthrowing of his government. He maintains that there is a plan in place, supported by the US which involves a land swap along ethnic lines, as well as an amnesty for war crimes.

The event will be moderated by R. Nicholas Burns, a university professor, lecturer and former US diplomat. Burns specialises in Diplomacy and International Relations at Harvard. Sponsoring the event is the Harvard College Albanian Students Association, the Future of Diplomacy Project, and the Harvard Political Union.