From: Exit News
Demolition of National Theatre Started While a Dozen Artists Were Inside 

Director Edmond Budina has accused the government of having deliberately started the demolition of the National Theatre while he, actor Neritan Liçaj and other people were inside the building.

“The Mafia tried to kill us. The demolition started when people were inside,” he said after being released from detention.

Dozens of artists, journalists and activists were detained today.

Budina and Liçaj, two of a dozen of people inside the theatre building while the demolition was ongoing, urged citizens to engage in civil disobedience and break the lockdown.

“ I call on the European Commission and the people to understand the state we’re in. We all need to rise up,” said Budina.

Exit News spoke with three people who confirmed that about a dozen of people were inside the building when demolition started, among them Ergin Zaloshnja of Exit News.