From: Exit News
MEPs Call on Rama to Stop Demolition of National Theatre and Violence against Activists

Members of European Parliament Michael Gahler and David Lega have called on Prime Minister Edi Rama to stop the illegal demolition of the National Theatre and the police violence against activists.

We condemn the authorities action and police violence in Tirana and call on PM Rama to stop the illegal demolition of the National Theatre, to stop the violence against artists and activists and engage in dialogue with all stakeholders including Europa Nostra and the Institute of the European Investment Bank which are supported by the European Commission and stand ready to help.

However, the Albanian National Theater was already razed to the ground on Sunday, with demolition starting at nighttime. Police exercised violence and detained at least 37 artists, journalists and members of civil society.

In their statement, they reminded the Albanian government that the National Theatre building is in the Europa Nostra’s list of 7 Most Endangered sites, and that the European Commission has appealed for its preservation.

Finally, the MEPs warned Prime Minister Edi Rama that his government still needs to meet 15 conditions before starting EU accession talks.

The two MEPs are also members of the European Parliament Committee of Foreign Affairs.