From: Exit News
Suppression of Freedom of Thought and Civil Resistance Are Greater Dangers to Albanians, Warn NGOs

Sixteen civil society organizations have condemned the Albanian government’s demolition of the National Theater and the violence against protesters.

In a press statement, they warned that a greater danger behind the demolition of the theatre at this time in Albania is the suppression of free thought and civil resistance.

The organisations added that democracy, basic human rights and the existence of civil society in Albania have never before been in greater danger.

“We find ourselves in a difficult position and threatened by violence and constant state repression.

Today, the Theater no longer exists as a building, but it still exists as spirit, which we must keep alive at all costs beyond any authoritarian ruling group. The demolition was not the greatest danger in these moments, but the suppression of freedom of thought and civil resistance, which is being set as a dangerous precedent in our country.”

They civil society organizations called on local and international institutions, and embassies to react against the Albanian government’s authoritarian tendencies.