From: Exit News
Albanian Police Block Entry to Capital before Protest

The Albanian police have set up multiple checkpoints on streets that lead to the capital, Tirana.

Numerous citizens have affirmed that on Monday, May 18, there were more checkpoints and police stops than during the days in which the country was on total lockdown.

Checks and stops for cars with work and circulation permits have increased precisely on the day when the Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre called Albanian citizens to protest what they called ‘government dictatorship’.

Former Democratic MP Luçiano Boçi posted a picture that shows dozens of cars stopped by the police and awaiting verification in one of the roundabouts that lead to the capital.

Tirana is currently classified as a coronavirus high-risk zone, which means that entering and exiting the city can only be done by government permit. However, during lockdown, cars have circulated with much less, if any, verification stops.

Sources told Exit News that hundreds of cars trying to enter Tirana from Durrës, were denied entry even though they had the necessary permits.

Policia në rrethrrotullimin e Bradasheshit