State Employees Take to Social Media to Share Identical Pro-Theatre Demolition Content

Following widespread criticism and outrage over the National Theatre, the Socialist Party propaganda machine has gone into overdrive.

Within a couple of hours, state employees were sharing the same articles and videos across their social media platforms.

Exit checked the profiles of 10 members of the State Police, five of the Municipality Police, and staff working for the Interior Ministry and Municipality. Across the 25+ profiles, the same two posts were being shared.

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 18 at 9.35.04 AM

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 18 at 9.28.24 AM

The first is an article by Orikum News, showing images of the new theatre, designed by Bjarke Engels. It is entitled “Here is what the new National Theatre will look like, meeting the requirements of the artists”.

The second is a live video of Erion Veliaj, talking about how great the new Theatre will be.

WhatsApp Image 2020 05 18 at 9.28.23 AM
WhatsApp Image 2020 05 18 at 9.28.23 AM

Exit previously revealed how state employees, via WhatsApp groups with their supervisors and managers are instructed on what they have to share on social media each day. They are given links that they must post, are encouraged to leave comments of support, and are required to watch live streams even outside of working hours.

At the end of each week, employees’ accounts are checked and if they have not met the quota of shared content, they are at risk of reprimand or losing their jobs. Even those that are with other political parties are forced to repost such content.