Albanian Prime Minister Denies Police Violence against Protestors

Prime Minister Edi Rama has claimed that the state police did not use violence against protestors during the Theatre protests.

He then said that their reaction is “absolutely part of the work of the state police”, it is not considered as violence but as a deterrent to the protestors. 

NT Protest1

Armed police and special forces stormed the National Theatre at 4:30 am on Sunday, using excessive force to remove a dozen protestors sitting inside. They also jammed mobile phone signals so they were unable to call for help. Several protests have been injured and required medical treatment and there are multiple videos showing police using violence against students, protestors and journalists.

The Prosecution is launching an investigation into the violence used by police and the way in which people were detained during the protests. Investigations have also been launched into the expertise by the Municipality engineers and those involved in the process that led to the demolition of the building.