From: Exit News
Albanian Journalist Receives Threatening Message

Yesterday, in his talk show, journalist Adi Krasta publicly showed a violent and threatening message he had received in his social media accounts.

The message was sent, according to Krasta, by an Albanian living in the United States who insults Krasta using profanity, and threatens to “break his bones.”

Krasta used this message as an example to showcase the effects of the Albanian Prime Minister’s aggressive language and the polarization of the political culture in the country.

He also urged US ambassador Yuri Kim to give the author of the message “a slap on the wrist” and show him manners, so he will apologize.

Growing public distrust and hostility towards journalists remains a cause for concern throughout the world. In March 2020, Prime Minister Edi Rama, amid the coronavirus pandemic, called on citizens to protect themselves against, among other things, the media.