From: Exit News
North Macedonian Constitutional Court Strikes Down Anti-Discrimination Law Protecting LGBT People

North Macedonia’s Constitutional Court has annulled the country’s Anti-Discrimination Law that was passed last year and covered discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation for the first time.

North Macedonia’s LGBT community and human rights activists have expressed outrage and disappointment at the Court’s decision to scrap the law due to procedural omissions. The Court deemed that the law should have been passed by a majority of the total number of MPs (120), instead of a majority of only the MPs that were present in parliament at the time.

This anti-discrimination recourse was struck down at a time when North Macedonia’s parliament is dissolved and the country is currently being run by a caretaker government until the new parliamentary elections. The latter were supposed to take place on April 12, but were postponed to possibly summer of this year, depending on the course the pandemic takes.