Police Charge Organisers of National Theatre Protest in Durres

Police in Durres have filed charges against the two organizers of a protest held by the Alliance for the Protection of the National Theatre. 

According to the police, they were charged for “organizing and participating in illegal manifestations and gatherings”. The details of the case have been forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Durres Judicial District for further action

The Alliance arrived in Durres where they were received by citizens and the chairman of the Durres branch of the Democratic Party, Ferdinant Xhaferi. The protest took place in front of the Aleksander Mosiu Durres Theatre. They then toured the city, urging citizens to sign the petition to redevelop the theatre as it was, and in the same location.

It is believed that those charged are Robert Budina of the Alliance and Ferdinant Xhaferi of the PD.