From: Exit News
Another Vetting Commissioner to Be Investigated by Anti-Corruption Prosecution

Another member of a vetting body is expected to be reported to the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution (SPAK).

Records made public by A2CNN show that Alma Faskaj, a member of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) has been dismissed as judge in 1996, by the High Judicial Council (KLD) on grounds of violating the law and incompetence.

Judge Hajrie Muçmataj, who was dismissed by KPK, told A2CNN that, in the following days, she will ask SPAK to investigate Faskaj.

This is the third case in which a vetting commissioner is reported to SPAK for having concealed their past.

On May 23, SPAK suspended Special Appeal Chamber (KPA) member Luan Daci for having concealed his 1997 dismissal.

Meanwhile, another KPA member, Ardian Hajdari, is currently under investigation. In 2006, when he was working as a lawyer, Hajdari was accused by the Albanian Intelligence Agency (SHISH) for having been involved in a corruptive affair.

Hajdari also stands accused of having claimed he worked as a lawyer in order to meet the criteria to be appointed to the KPA, but not having the tax records to prove it, which means he either lied on his application or is guilty of tax evasion. He is also accused of not knowing English, another KPA member requirement, as he has presented no documentation that prove this.