From: Exit Staff
Engineer Denounces Albanian Police for Bursting Eardrum during National Theater Protests

An individual who was injured by police during the National Theatre protests has said he may need surgery to repair a burst eardrum.

Engineer Malti Grabovaj said in an interview with ABC News that he had perforations in his eardrum. These would require medical treatment and could require surgery in the future.

Speaking of the Eagle Forces, he said: “I was kicked, punched, and slapped four or five times to neutralize me. I was brutally hit. One of them insulted me and asked me if I was against the Theatre.”

“Only with the intervention of his colleagues did he stop. Then I was handcuffed. After I was put in the car where they psychologically violated me. There was no physical violence…I was escorted to the police station and kept for 9 hours.”

Grabovaj then described his injuries.

“The doctor told me I had a ruptured eardrum, decreasing hearing in my right ear. I have contacted a lawyer and will file criminal proceedings with the State Police and seek redress. Doctor’s have told me I may need an intervention after two months…I have to be very careful of noise and when I take a shower. I have antibiotics. I am waiting for the forensic report to be presented to the Ombudsman,” he said.