From: Exit News
Europa Nostra: Time for the Awakening of Civil Society in Albania

Europa Nostra, in a letter to the Alliance for the Protection of Theater, wished that “the demolition of the National Theater marks the beginning of a real awakening of civil society in Albania, led by artists and intellectuals.”

The organization noted that culture and heritage are Albania’s key assets and resources for its European future since they have a crucial value for the quality of the living environment and for the wellbeing of citizens. 

Calling the demolition of the Theatre “deplorable”, they said they hoped it will inspire Albanian’s to recognise the need to protect the country’s cities and countryside.

“We wish you all the strength and wisdom needed to overcome the severe cultural and democratic crisis caused by the illegal demolition of the National Theater,” Europa Nostra wrote in a letter published by the Alliance for the Protection of Theater

The letter, signed by the President, the Secretary-General, the Board and the International Secretariat of Europa Nostra, was also supported by President Ilir Meta.