From: Exit News
Albania’s Neighbouring Borders to Open as of 1 June, Private Beaches 1 June, Public Beaches 10 June

As of 1 June, land borders with neighboring countries will be open to all Albanians in Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro, regardless of their passports.

Prime Minister Rama made the announcement on Facebook via video.

He said that public transport will be opened gradually and the government will have the strategy ready by the end of the month. 

“We will completely reform this sector, with the direct participation of the state in guaranteeing new standards, not only for maintaining health today but also significantly increasing the quality of the urban and interurban service.” – Rama said.

Beaches will be open from 1 June only for hotels and from 10 June for all citizens. Weekends without cars will last for another two weeks and will be back again after the summer season.

“We will return every Sunday, at least from October to March, as a time dedicated to smoke-free air for the elderly, families, children, and the environment.” – Rama said without further explaining how it will work.