From: Exit News
Albanian President Reveals Text Messages Appearing to Show Prime Minister’s Interference in Justice Reform

President Ilir Meta has made public text messages, purported to be from a foreign diplomat showing Prime Minister Edi Rama’s influence over the justice reform.

Appearing on the ‘Opinion’ TV show last night, Meta presented the messages which appear to relate to the election of the new members of the Constitutional Court recently. In the messages, the unnamed diplomat says that Rama will not block the candidacy of Marsida Xhaferllari in the next list for members of the Constitutional Court. This, Meta says, clearly shows the power Rama has over the process.

The messages read:

Unnamed diplomat: Good morning Beni, I saw my US, EU and German colleagues this morning and we then called on Rama.

Unnamed diplomat: EU and US legal advice does not support the President’ position on the suspension. They believe that Arta Vorspi has ow been appointed by virtue of the unblocking mechanism. They will do public with this today and we agreed that I would give you advance notice of this.

Rama did however agree that Marsida Xhaferllari should be on the President’s list for the next appointment which should arise very soon. Rama will not try to block this. Again I was asked to pass this message to you.

Meta said this is a clear example of how some internationals in Tirana are conducting the Justice Reform. He called the messages “shameful” and “anti-constitutional”.