Former Interior Minister Appeal Trial Postponed for 5th Time

The case in the Special Court of Appeals for former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri has been postponed for the 5th time.

The panel of judges Albana Boksi, Nure Dreni and Nertina Kosova decided to postpone the hearing for two reasons:

  • failure to notify former Minister Tahiri in time of the hearing – due to pandemic, the court must notify the parties electronically and the court has not received confirmation that Tahiri has been notified of the hearing;
  • the body requires time to become acquainted with the normative act, adopted on 27 May, which paves the way for the conduct of court hearings, after more than two months of blocking due to pandemic.

The next hearing will take place on June 11.

On September 20, 2019, former Minister Tahiri was found guilty by the Serious Crimes Court of abuse of office, while accusations of collaboration and drug trafficking with the Habilaj gang were dropped.

He was sentenced to 5 years in prison, reduced to 3.4 years of probation.

The decision was appealed by both the prosecution, which had demanded 12 years in prison and the former minister, who pleaded not guilty.