Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Calls for Justice for 1,133 Children Killed in War  

On International Children’s Day, Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani has called for justice for the 1,133 children killed during the Kosovo War.

Osmani reminded everyone that the number of children killed in Kosovo is the highest in any other war during the dissolution of Yugoslavia, and that 109 children are still missing.

“[They] are the conscience’s constant call against atrocities against the most innocent beings in the world,” Osmani noted, adding that “each of their names tells us a separate story, and all together echo as a permanent call to remember the past, the broken dream from which the Republic of Kosovo was born and is growing.”

She called on all people and institutions to work to make Kosovo a safe haven and a place where children can build their future.

“[Kosovo’s] Freedom will not make sense without justice for the 1133 children who were taken from us,” she concluded.