From: Exit News
Albanian Parliament and President Clash over Head of State Audit Appointment

Albanian Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruci has asked President Ilir Meta to propose the candidates for Head of the State Supreme Audit (KLSh).

In a letter sent to the President, Ruci claimed that the parliament had been waiting for Meta to propose candidates “for months,” and that the President should follow the deadlines set by the Constitution.

Meta’s spokesman, Ted Blushi, responded to Ruci’s letter in a Facebook post by arguing that the President had already proposed three candidates for Head of the KLSh.

The 7-year term of KLSh’s current leader, Bujar Leskaj, ended in December 2018. 

The parliament has dismissed three different candidates proposed by Meta for the position so far. Petraq Milo was not considered as he had previously been a member of the Democratic Party’s National Committee, although the law states that the Head of the KLSh should not hold such positions after the appointment, not before. Constitutional judge Vitore Tusha’s candidacy was dismissed as she was needed in the Constitutional Court to maintain the necessary quorum. Bahri Shaqiri was dismissed for allegedly not having sufficient experience in finance.