From: Exit News
Minor Sexually Assaulted by Former School Employee and Three Others in Tirana

A 65-year old man has sexually assaulted a 15-year old girl in Tirana. 

The man, Abaz Doku, was the former watchman of the school the minor attended.

Police said that the assault took place at the home of the man’s brother, who at the time was out of the country. The perpetrator filmed the assault and shared the recording with three local young men, respectively 20, 16, and 15 years old.

The three used the recording as blackmail in order to also assault the minor.

The rape was reported to the police after the minor’s parents learned of it.

The minor’s brother said that the four men had shared pictures and recordings of her assault. According to him, the entire neighborhood knew about the assault, but none had acted to put a stop to it.

The four men have been arrested. Reportedly, the 65-year old denied accusations of rape, claiming that the 15-year old had consented.

The Tirana Court ruled today that all four men will await trial in jail.

In March, a young woman was raped in Kelcyra after her boyfriend blackmailed her with the release of intimate video recordings.

A protest will be held in response in Tirana’s Mother Teresa square on Thursday, June 4, at 4pm.