Dialogue with Serbia Is Vital, Says Kosovo’s Newly Elected Prime Minister

Avdullah Hoti, Kosovo’s newly elected Prime Minister has stated that the dialogue with Serbia is vital for his country.

In his speech in Parliament today, before a vote on a proposed new government took place, Hoti slammed the Kurti Government for “denigrating the U.S. with the greatest of insults ever used”.

The Kurti Government refused to drop reciprocity measures against Serbia. Hoti’s allegation about Kosovo government’s denigration of the U.S. remains unclear.

“The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia on reaching a final agreement is a vital interest of Kosovo. Authorities will fully respect the constitution during the talks. The dialogue will have clear objectives on issues to be discussed and we will be transparent. The agreement will be mutually [accepted (?)] by Kosovo and Serbia. Kosovo’s UN membership and its EU path will be made possible. This dialogue requires coordination and unity among institutions. We should all be together in the dialogue, because it is in everyone’s interest. We should be together in the Parliament where the dialogue will be ratified. The opposition should have a leading role,” Hoti stated.

The new government is expected to lift reciprocity measures with Serbia immediately, according to the U.S. envoy Richard Grenell’s demand.

Hoti underlined the importance of the EU and U.S. involvement in the dialogue: “the government respects the role of the EU and the United States [as] inseparable [entities]. They must be included in the dialogue.”