Kosovo Parliament Convenes to Vote on New Government

Kosovo Parliament convened in an extraordinary session today at 11:00 am to vote on the LDK-led government of Avdullah Hoti.

Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani from LDK and her deputy from LVV Arbërie Nagavci refused to lead the session. Deputy Speaker Kujtim Shala of LDK took over.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Kosovars are protesting outside the Parliament building against the forming of a new government and for new elections to take place. A woman held a sign reading “I don’t allow you to manipulate my vote”.

Kosovo’s largest party LVV has boycotted the session.

A new government requires the votes of 61 MPs in the 120-seat Parliament. LDK has 28 MPs but it’s not clear how many of them will support the new government. The AAK has 13 MPs, Serbian List has 10, NISMA has 4. All three parties have entered a coalition agreement with LDK, and there are 9 more MPs of ethnic minorities in Parliament, but until votes are cast it’s difficult to predict the result.

The Hoti Government is expected to remove reciprocity measures with Serbia, in order for the latter to sit in dialogue. The EU and US are expected to mediate negotiations toward a deal between the two countries.

The vote comes after the contested Constitutional Court ruling in favor of President Hashim Thaci, who decided to avoid new elections after the toppling of the Kurti Government, and sidestepped the largest party LVV from forming a new government.  

Update: The Parliament has approved the new government led by Avdullah Hoti. 61 MPs voted in favor, – the minimum required, – 24 against and 1 abstained in the 120-seat parliament. Click here for more.