US Ambassador Announces Electoral Reform Deal, Urges Opposition Leader to Accept It

US Ambassador to Albania Yuri Kim has announced that all parties in the Electoral Reform Political Council have reached an agreement tonight. She thanked the Socialist majority and urged opposition leader Lulzim Basha to accept the agreement.

Kim said the Political Council had discussed for nine hours today and made progress.  

“The time has come for the Democratic Party and my friend Luli Basha to balance all the factors and say yes to Albanians. The ball is in his court, the future is in his hands,” the ambassador stated in a press conference tonight.

This morning the EU announced it would finance EUR 15 million for the implementation of new election technology, which was one of the issues that had brought negotiations to a deadlock.

The meeting of the Political Council started at 11:00 am and ended after 9:00 pm today. It took place at the residence of Ambassador Kim, at the presence of the EU, US, and British ambassadors.