From: Exit News
Kosovo’s Vetevendosje Petition for New Elections Surpasses 50,000 Signatures

Kosovo’s Vetevendosje (LVV) party has launched a petition to hold new elections in the country.

The petition was started on May 30, and it currently has reached over 56,000 signatures, out of the 100,000 signatures that is its intended target. LVV has also gathered over 25,000 physical signatures.

“Only the government that emerges from the elections has the legitimacy to govern,” the petition description states.

“Actions in the Assembly of Kosovo on March 25,” it continues, referring to the vote of no-confidence that toppled the Kurti government, “showed that the old parties […] have come together against the vote of the citizens.” It also presents the Constitutional Court ruling that threw out the possibility of new elections as proof that the justice system is “captured” by the old parties.