From: Exit News
Kosovo President Welcomes Lift of Reciprocity Measures with Serbia

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci has welcomed the new government’s decision to lift reciprocity measures in trade with Serbia imposed by the previous Kurti government.

In a Facebook post, Thaci said that Serbia had been using the reciprocity measures as a “pretext” to suspend Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. 

He added that with the lifting of the measures, now international pressure must fall on Serbia in order for dialogue to resume, ultimately leading to a reciprocal recognition between the two states.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani has slammed Kosovo’s government for removing reciprocity measures with Serbia.

On Saturday, Hoti’s third day in office, the government repealed the two decisions from March and May of the previous government that demanded Serbian products to have documents according to Kosovo authorities’ rules, including “Republic of Kosovo” as country of destination.

This was Serbia’s main demand to sit back in dialogue for normalization of relations with Kosovo. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as an independent country.