From: Exit News
Largest Kosovo Party Leader Albin Kurti Slams New Government for Lifting Reciprocity Measures with Serbia

Ousted Kosovo Prime Minister and leader of the country’s largest party Vetevendosje (LVV) has spoken against the new government’s decision to lift reciprocity measures with Serbia.

He slammed Hoti’s “illegal” government for “working even on Saturdays” to remove reciprocity measures with Serbia, instead of prioritizing Kosovo’s “countless social and economic problems.”

Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti stated that he is determined to remove “all obstacles” to the dialogue with Serbia. By doing so, Kurti said, he is effectively blaming Kosovo for the lack of dialogue so far. “Not even Belgrade could have imagined such good publicity for Serbia,” the former Prime Minister added. 

Kurti warned that this will further tip the scales against Kosovo when the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue resumes.

The toppled Kurti government removed the 1– percent tariff and started gradual implementation of reciprocity measures with Serbia on April 1, despite opposition from the U.S. administration. Following Serbia’s refusal to end its derecognition campaign against Kosovo, on May 29, Kurti increased reciprocity measures by demanding all Serbian products carry documents showing “Republic of Kosovo” as country of destination. The measures were strictly implemented and a number of trucks carrying goods were turned back for not meeting the requirements, while many Serbian companies complied with the new measures.

Kosovo Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani also criticized Kosovo’s government for removing reciprocity measures, whereas President Hashim Thaci welcomed the decision as a prerequisite for resuming dialogue with Serbia.