From: Exit News
Albania Seeks to Borrow $16 Million from World Bank to Conduct Widespread Coronavirus Testing

The Albanian government has asked to loan at least $16.2 million from the World Bank in order to conduct population-wide coronavirus testing, and to improve its epidemiological tracing system.

According to Monitor, the government has presented the World Bank with a coronavirus management project that will cost at least $16.2 million.

This proposal will be discussed in the World Bank’s next meeting on June 12. If the loan application is approved, the Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy will be the borrowing institution, whereas the Ministry of Health and Social Protection will execute the project.

The project intends to ensure that Albania’s early re-opening does not undo the advantage coronavirus restrictive measures afforded it so far.

It foresees widespread population testing (including the newest method of serological testing), strengthening of surveillance and contact tracing, social distancing and other preventative measures planning, increasing hospital capacities in treating aggravated cases, protecting the health of medical staff, and improving communication with the public.