EU Envoy Lajcak to Visit Kosovo to Discuss Resumption of Dialogue with Serbia

EU envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Miroslav Lajcak is expected to be in Pristina next week, in his first work visit since he got the job, RFE reports.

Lajcak is expected to stay several days in Pristina, and meet with political leaders. It’s not clear at this point if he will also visit Belgrade afterwards or later. He will have an office in each capital.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has stated that he won’t be part of a dialogue mediated by Lajcak, due to his country, Slovakia, not recognizing Kosovo’s independence. Thaci has also slammed Lajcak for voting against Kosovo’s membership in UNESCO and INTERPOL when he was Slovakia’s foreign minister.

There is no information whether a meeting between them will take place in Pristina this time, however the two have not been in touch since Lajcak was appointed EU envoy for the dialogue.

However, Kosovo’s team in the dialogue should be headed by the Prime Minister, according to the constitution.

In a letter to Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti on Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized that the dialogue will be mediated by the EU. 

President Thaci favors a deal with Serbia brokered by the US envoy Richard Grenell instead.