From: Exit News
Fiscal Amnesty May Allow Albanian Officials to Legally Declare Corruption Money

All Albanian former state officials who have left their positions three years ago or before, and own undeclared assets, will be able to profit from the government proposed fiscal amnesty.

Initially, Prime Minister Edi Rama promised that the amnesty would not include state officials or former state officials.

However, now it seems that the government will also allow the legalization of assets and wealth accumulated via corruption by former state officials, who will be under no obligation to prove how they made that money.

In the bill drafted by the Ministry of Finances, that is expected to be passed by the parliament during the following weeks, the only subjects exempt from this fiscal amnesty will be high officials like the Prime Minister, ministers, mayors, etc. and those who have served as state officials at any point during the last three years from when the law goes into force.

All other former state officials will be able to declare and deposit their assets legally in banks, without fiscal obligations and without criminal liability.

The fiscal amnesty is expected to last for a year, from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021.

Thus, all former mayors, former directors, former prefects, former magistrates, etc. that have not held public office since 2018, will be able to declare their assets without having to disclose the source of those assets.