From: Exit News
Public Transport Unions Protest Lack of Government Aid before Resuming Operation

Public transport unions protested in front of the Ministry of Transport today, demanding fiscal conveniences and government aid in withstanding the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, or else they risk bankruptcy.

Their main demands consist in lifting excise taxes on oil, waiving the 2% VAT this year (and impose a 6% VAT next year), compensation for the business missed due to coronavirus preventative restrictions, and compensation for demographic categories who benefit from free public transport.

Unions are asking for their demands to be met before June 15, when public transport will begin in the country. They claim the government has only notified them that they would operate at 70% capacity, but did not give them specific safety guidelines.

Additionally, they complain that it is difficult to maintain social distancing within public transport vehicles, and that operating at 70% capacity will bring about significant job cuts.