From: Exit News
Albanian Diaspora Demands Voting Rights and Electoral System Reform

The Albanian diaspora, which amounts to about half of the population living in the country, demands electoral system reform and that they be afforded the vote.

In a petition that has now reached over 2500 signatures, the Diaspora Coordination Council (KKD) addresses the Albanian President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, the Electoral Reform bodies, and opposition party leaders. 

Reminding that the right to vote constitutes “a non negotiable Constitutional right, but also a necessary condition for Albania’s political emancipation,” the KKD demands that Albanians living abroad have the possibility to cast their vote from their countries of residence for the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2021.

Additionally, the petition also demands the change of the country’s electoral system to a proportional one, with open MP lists.

The committee on Electoral Reform has not addressed the diaspora vote, so far, whereas MP Rudina Hajdari’s proposal to change the electoral system was struck down by the other parties.