From: Exit News
Hoti Government Was Voted In Unconstitutionally, Kosovo’s LVV Takes the Case to Court

Kosovo’s largest party Vetevendosje (LVV) is asking the Constitutional Court to rule on whether the country’s new Hoti government was voted in constitutionally.

LVV claims that the participation of MP Etem Arifi renders the parliamentary vote that approved Hoti’s government on June 3 invalid. Arifi has been sentenced, via final ruling, to a year and three months in prison for a criminal offense. Kosovo’s Constitution, LVV says, clearly stipulates that an MP’s mandate is rendered invalid if they are sentenced to more than a year in prison for a criminal offense.

Hoti’s government was approved with the minimum required amount of votes, 61 MPs. Therefore, Arifi’s allegedly unconstitutional vote tipped the scales.