Kosovo’s Largest Party Vetevendosje to Open Branch in North Macedonia

Kosovo’s Self-Determination Movement (Vetevendosje) is set to open a branch in North Macedonia, following their last expansion into Albania one year ago.

Its leader Albin Kurti announced the news at Vetevendosje’s rally in Pristina on Friday.

“We have a center in the Republic of Albania, but starting today we will launch the initiative to form the Vetëvendosje Movement in North Macedonia,” Kurti announced.

Vetevendosje is currently the largest party in Kosovo. Its government was toppled after less than two month in office.

In April 2019, a Vetevendosje Albanian branch was opened in Tirana as an NGO. They have since then staged several protests in the country.

Vetevendosje has been planning to open a branch in North Macedonia since last year. Albanians in North Macedonia comprise more than 25 percent of the population, and the political landscape that represents them is fragmented into several parties.

When the party won the October 2019 elections, many saw this as a potential game changer in the Albanian political landscape.