Prosecutors Appeal Reinstatement of Suspended Vetting Judge

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) has appealed the ruling of the Appeal Court to reinstate suspended vetting judge Luan Daci to the High Court.

On Monday, SPAK prosecutors have requested the High Court to suspend vetting judge Daci while they investigate allegations that he has falsified documents.

The Court of Appeals reinstated Daci, whom the Special Anti-Corruption Court suspended from the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) for falsifying documents. The Court argued that he did not falsify documents by concealing his previous dismissal in 1997.

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutors found that, when he applied to join the vetting institutions, Daci had concealed his dismissal as judge in 1997. Prosecutors who are investigating him for falsifying documents, suspended the judge, a decision that was upheld by the court

The KPA suspended cases assigned to Daci until a final decision on his case, which he appealed.

The judge has been part of panels that have dismissed dozens prosecutors and judges with a final verdict.

The EU-funded International Monitoring Operation and its chief stated that even if Daci is dismissed, that wouldn’t affect the justice reform.