From: Exit Staff
Albania’s New Austrian Ambassador Says 15 EC Conditions Need to Be Met Before EU Negotiations Start

The new Austrian Ambassador to Tirana, Christian Steiner, has called on Albanian politicians to work to meet the 15 conditions set by the European Union before the First Intergovernmental Conference in early 2021 – which sets in motion the start of Albania’s EU negotiations.

In an interview with Panorama newspaper, Mr. Steiner stated that after the agreement to open EU negotiations was made in March 2020, it is now up to Albania to meet the conditions.

He emphasized the need to focus on electoral reform, and media freedom.

“After the EU Council opened the green light on March 25, it is now up to Albania to meet the membership criteria.

These are 15 topics related to political criteria, of which, in addition to Electoral Reform, in my opinion, media freedom and Justice Reform are of particular importance.

We very much hope that these conditions will be met as soon as possible, so that the first Membership Conference can be held. “

The Ambassador stressed that Austria supports Albania on its path to European integration.