EU Envoy Lajcak Calls for EU-US Close Cooperation on Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

EU envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Miroslav Lajcak has called for close EU-US collaboration on the issue.

Speaking from Pristina on Tuesday,  Lajcak said he has not yet been invited to attend Washington talks, but stressed the relevance of close collaboration between the US and EU.

“Everything that has been achieved in the dialogue is the result of joint and close work between the US and the EU, and it is precisely with this ambition that we continue in this way. We expect very close cooperation with the US,” Lajcak said after meeting with Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci on his first day of visit in the country.

Lajcak’s visit comes only one day after US envoy Richard Grenell announced talks taking place in Washington on June 27.

The EU envoy stated that his mission is to help reach a “legally binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia that will normalize relations and solve all problems, and will be acceptable to the countries of the region and the EU member states.”

Thaçi received Lajcak today despite repeated statements that he was not going to do so, because his country, Slovakia, does not recognize Kosovo and has voted against its membership in UNESCO.

Kosovo’s President told the EU envoy that Kosovo needs visa liberalization before sitting in EU-led talks with Serbia, which must conclude in mutual recognition.

“The official position of the state of Kosovo in this process is that it should start with visa liberalization and should be concluded as soon as possible with mutual recognition,”, Thaçi said during a joint press conference with Lajcak.

Today Lajcak will also meet Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Speaker of Parliament Vjosa Osmani. He will stay three days in Pristina, and next week will visit Belgrade.