EU Envoy Lajcak Urges Kosovo Parties for Inclusive Talks ahead of Dialogue with Serbia

On his second day of visit in Pristina, EU envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Miroslav Lajcak met with political parties to discuss preparations for dialogue resumption.

His first meeting was with the leader of Kosovo’s largest party, Vetevendosje’s Albin Kurti. In a brief statement after the meeting, Lajcak stressed the necessity for Kosovo to speak with one voice in the dialogue, and for its result to be acceptable for the people.

Former Prime Minister Albin Kurti of Vetevendosje was toppled after a no-confidence motion initiated by junior coalition partner Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), which leads the government now.

Vetevendosje demanded transparency from Lajcak and others involved in the dialogue, mediation by the EU and US, and exclusion from talks of land swap. They quoted Lajcak saying that a successful agreement with Serbia should include Vetevendosje.

Kurti stated that the Kosovo team should be led by “legal and legitimate representatives and not by those who have smuggled power, overthrowing the good and democratic government elected by the people.”

Lajcak also met with other political parties, including coalition partners LDK, AAK,NISMA, as well as ethnic minority parties and representatives from the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

He stressed the need for inclusiveness and close coordination between the parties.

Prime Minister Hoti has invited all political parties in a meeting on the dialogue with Serbia on Thursday.

On Tuesday, Lajcak met with Kosovo’s President, Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister, where he stressed the EU’s serious engagement in mediating a deal, transparency of the process, and the necessity for EU-US coordination. Lajcak is expected to visit Belgrade next week.