From: Exit News
Albanian Government Opens Tender for Llogara Toll Tunnel

On Friday, the Albanian government opened the international call for bids for the engineering plan of the Llogara Tunnel.

The project will be financed by the government. Prime Minister Edi Rama said that after feasibility analysis had been conducted, and different financing options had been explored, the government concluded that a wholly publicly funded project would be the best option.

The construction of the tunnel constitutes the second stage of the project, and will be realized, according to Rama, “by local companies who are experienced in building complex works.”

The 6 km tunnel is intended to shorten the Orikum-Palace trip, that currently requires driving up and down the Llogara mountain, down to 10 minutes. Rama also stressed that the tunnel is expected to have a positive impact on tourism, because it will be close to the planned Vlora airport.

The construction of the tunnel will cost €6.3 million according to the government. The Llogara Tunnel will function as a toll one, with citizens paying a fixed amount to pass through.