From: Exit News
Albanian Broadcaster Reports Tirana Mayor to Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office

The president of Ora Radio and Television, Ylli Ndroqi has reported Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj to the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK) for concealing a crime, and smear and defamation against Ndroqi.

He accuses Veliaj that through public smearing he has tarnished the reputation of his media Ora RTV and its journalists.

Ndroqi claims that Veliaj’s statement that he “knows by name and surname” those who have blackmailed him, in order to benefit public money, means that he has concealed a crime by not reporting it to authorities.

Veliaj and Ndroqi have exchanged harsh accusations in recent months.

Initially, Ora RTV claimed that Ndroqi had been asked on behalf of Veliaj to cease reporting that criticized Veliaj, otherwise his relatives who worked for the municipality would be fired.

Ndroqi responded to this alleged threat by stating that he wouldn’t succumb to blackmail.

Following Ndroqi’s public allegations, Veliaj implied that Ndroqi has been involved in illicit trafficking and was using his television channel to “extort tribute” by asking him favors in exchange for favorable press coverage. 

Albania’s National Health Inspectorate (IShSh) demanded the shutdown of Ora RTV, due to their alleged violation of government instructions on Covid-19, which the media group considered a threat against media freedom.