From: Alice Taylor
Four Albanians Commit Suicide in Last 24 Hours

It has been reported that four people have committed suicide in the last 24 hours in Albania.

In Kruja, a 64-year-old man was found hanged in his apartment. In Elbasan, a 31-year-old man jumped from the fourth floor of his apartment. In Bulqiza, a 36-year-old man took his own life, and in Korca, an 80-year-old man hanged himself.

It is not known, nor should it be reported what motivated these individuals to take such action. Internationally, many experts have sounded the alarm over the COVID-19 pandemic and the implications it will have on mental health. Lockdown and the associated social and economic hardships that have resulted from it are contributing to a global rise in associated mental health conditions and suicides.

Albania has been badly hit by economic fallout from the pandemic and it is predicted to plunge the country into a severe recession.

Mental health services in the country are severely lacking. Therapy such as CBT, counselling, and psychotherapy are not available easily or for free. There is also a significant social stigma around seeking help for mental health issues. Furthermore, there are not enough mental health professionals in the country to take care of patients that need it. 

Those that are admitted to mental health facilities are subjected to substandard care in poor conditions.