From: Exit News
Albanian State Police Officer Filmed Repeatedly Punching Man in Handcuffs

Another video has been published showing Albanian police officers assaulting a citizen.

In the clip, several police officers can be seen handcuffing a young man who was then punched in the face several times by a State Police officer. His colleagues can be seen trying to restrain him.

Police officers of the Eagle Forces were also present. There have been numerous reports of violence from police officers against members of the public in the last months. A police officer was filmed attacking a 15-year-old boy, officers were filmed beating a Roma youth by the side of the road, and countless videos emerged of police violence at the National Theatre protest.

The State Police have claimed that the man along with another individual attempted to hit the police officers car with their own. They said that the two men then tried to attack them physically. They did not explain why an officer then repeatedly punched a man in handcuffs.

They have however suspended two officers and launched a disciplinary investigation into the incident and the conduct of the officers.