From: Exit News
MEPs Condemn Demolition of Albania’s National Theatre

Several Members of European Parliament have condemned the May 17 demolition of the National Theater and called for an investigation into the violence and the arrest of protesters during the PE Foreign Affairs Committee’s June 22 plenary session. Below are the statements of the MEPs:

David McAllister, Chairman of the EU Foreign Affairs Committee:

“We are concerned about the effect and manner of the dismantling of the National Theater on May 17, widely criticized as the destruction of an important European heritage site, giving another blow to the possibility of dialogue and compromise.” 

Angelina Eichorst, director of the Western Balkans:

“We condemn the demolition of the National Theater. We have called on them to investigate the violence against the protesters. “

Geneoveva Calavera, Director of Neighborhood Policy:

“We, together with the MEPs, express our regret for the demolition of the National Theater, despite the fact that we called for dialogue. We continue to call for the rule of law and the protection of cultural heritage, which is a fundamental right. “

Željana Zovko, Croatian MEP:

“We have received many letters from concerned citizens about the demolition of the National Theater. I think we need to monitor the reconstruction process and have a report from the cultural heritage committee. “