Parliamentary Committee Approves President’s Proposal for Head of State Audit  

On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Committee on Economy has approved the candidacy of Mr. Arben Shehu for Head of State Supreme Audit (KLSh).

The approval of Shehu’s candidacy opens the way for the appointment of the new KLSh head after two years without one.

Arben Shehu is the fourth candidacy proposed by President Ilir Meta. His three previous proposals were rejected by the ruling Socialist majority.

Petraq Milo was not considered, as he had previously been a member of the Democratic Party’s National Committee, although the law states that the Head of the KLSh should not hold such positions after the appointment, not before.

Constitutional judge Vitore Tusha’s candidacy was dismissed as she was needed in the Constitutional Court to maintain the necessary quorum.

Bahri Shaqiri was dismissed for allegedly not having sufficient experience in finance.

Shehu, who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law and specializes in organized crime and economic crime, received 15 votes in favor, one abstention and two against.

The term of the last head of KLSh Bujar Leskaj ended in December 2018.