From: Exit News
Hearing for Ex-Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri Scheduled for Today

Today, the Special Appeals Court is scheduled to decide on the case of former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri.

Scheduled for 9.30am, the Court will decide on the appeal by the Prosecution which continues to seek 12 years in prison, and the former minister who pleads not guilty.

In 2019, Tahiri was found guilty by the Serious Crimes Court of abuse of office, while charges of collaboration with criminal gangs and drug trafficking were dropped. He was sentenced to five years in prison, reduced to 3.4 years of probation.

The decision will be taken by Judges Dhimiter Lara, Nertina Kosova, and Albana Boksi. All three judges have been confirmed by the vetting.

The hearing has been postponed on five occasions, making today the 6th attempt.