From: Exit News
Former Magistrates File Report with Anti-Corruption Prosecution Against Special Appeals Chamber Members

Former High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) member Antoneta Sevdari, former Tirana Appeals judge Ervin Metalla, and former prosecutor Elsion Sadiku have filed a report with the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SPAK) against Special Appeals Chamber members Ardian Hajdari and Luan Daci.

The three former magistrates who have been dismissed by the vetting process accuse Daci and Hajdari of falsifying documentation and concealing their wealth.

A criminal investigation into Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) judge Daci has been initiated before, by former KLP member Besnik Cani. Consequently, SPAK demanded Daci’s suspension.

On May 20, the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Court sided with SPAK and ruled to suspend Daci.

On June 5, however, the Court of Appeals reinstated Daci to KPA, arguing that Daci had not committed falsification despite the fact that he had concealed his previous dismissal as judge, declared, in the request filed with the Ombudsman, that the disciplinary measure of ‘dismissal’ had never been taken against him, and claimed to Parliament to have resigned.

Daci’s case is currently being reviewed by the High Court after SPAK appealed the Court of Appeals’ ruling.