From: Exit News
Police Launch Investigations into Protesters It Violently Arrested

The Tirana police have begun investigating 17 citizens who participated in protests held on June 24. One protest was held by public transport workers, whereas another was held by civil society activists against the construction of hydropower plants to the detriment of the environment.

According to the police, the people arrested were organizers and stand accused of ‘organizing and participating in illegal gatherings’, ‘disobeying the police’ and ‘blocking traffic circulation’.

The police claim that citizens did not have a permit for their protests. However citizen group “Let’s Protect the Rivers” whose members protested the construction of HPPs yesterday has made public the notice they filed with the police letting them know of the protest.

On June 24, the police violently dispersed the two protests. Although protesters explained to the police that they had given notice of their protest, officers, including ones dressed as civilians, have forcibly removed protesters, dragging them off the sidewalk.