From: Exit News
6th Suicide This Week Reported in Albania

The suicide of a 42-year-old woman in Fier has been reported this morning. This is the 6th suicide in five days.

The police stated that the woman is believed to have thrown herself from the 8th floor of an apartment block. Relatives of the deceased said she had been displaying signs of depression prior to the incident. Investigations by authorities are ongoing.

Yesterday, an 80-year-old man hung himself in his apartment in Tirana. Earlier in the week, a 64-yar-old man from Kruja hung himself, a 31-year-old man from Elbasan jumped from his balcony, a 36-yer-old man from Bulqiza took his own life, and an 80-year-old man from Korca hung himself.In 2016, the suicide mortality rate was 6.3 per 100,000 inhabitants. A total of 184 people killed themselves during that year. There has been no more recent data published on the matter.