No Secret Plan for a Quick Land Swap Deal, Assures Albanian Top Diplomat after Meeting Grenell

Albanian Acting Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj has met with US envoy Richard Grenell in Washington on Friday. Cakaj stated after the meeting that there is no secret plan for a quick land swap deal between Kosovo and Serbia facilitated by the US.

The Albanian diplomat has praised Grenell’s work and fully supported his approach to focus on improving economic ties between Kosovo and Serbia.

Their meeting comes one day ahead of the now-cancelled White House summit between Kosovo and Serbia.

Koha newspaper contacted Cakaj on Thursday to ask regarding indictments against Kosovo leaders but he refused to answer. The paper related his US visit to the summit.

Cakaj’s boss, Prime Minister Edi Rama has been repeatedly accused by multiple actors of supporting and pushing for a land swap deal agreed by Kosovo and Serbia’s presidents.