From: Exit Staff
49% of Albanians are Actively Planning to Leave the Country

Almost 50% of Albanians are currently considering leaving the country, according to the Balkan Barometer survey conducted by the Regional Cooperation Council.

While as much as 83% of Albanians want to leave, this survey asked how many are seriously considering it. 49% of respondents said they were reviewing or applying for vacancies abroad, were looking at opportunities, or are preparing to leave. This is the highest number in the entire region.

Furthermore, Albania is the only country in the Balkans where the number of those who are looking to leave, is higher than those that want to stay. Only 46% wanted to stay and 5% did not know.

In Montenegro, 47% of the population are looking to leave. In BiH, 44%, Kosovo 43%, and North Macedonia 41%. Only 37% of Serbian respondents find themselves wanting to leave their country.

According to 60% of respondents, European integration means first and foremost, the opportunity to emigrate or study abroad. Again, this was the highest number in the region.