From: Exit Staff
Police Arrest 10 Traffickers in Two Days as a Part of Operation ‘Perimeter’

Five people have been arrested in Korce for trafficking people across the Greek-Albanian border.

As part of an ongoing operation called “Perimeter, the individuals were placed under arrest after they were found transporting 18 immigrants into the country. It was reported they charged up to EUR 1000 per person.

Three traffickers, allegedly from Lac, were caught near the village of Zemblak, transporting immigrants in three vehicles bound for Tirana. Another two traffickers, one from Korca and one from Pogradec were caught transporting three immigrants for EUR 500.

Yesterday, five Albanians were arrested for transporting 17 immigrants from Greece to Montenegro.

One of the main trafficking routes into Europe passes through Albania. It is believed thousands of people pass through the country every year, destined for Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia before going on to the borders of the EU.